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The large household appliances we all have to shell out on from time to time, those "big ticket items" as they are often called, need to last us as long as possible. They have a habit of breaking down and being condemned by the repair man just when we have no cash to replace them.
Here's a quick guide to how you can save money on repairs and replacements on your big appliances:
Average life of a freezer is 11-12 years. Average life of a fridge is 13 years. 
here's some tips which may prolong your appliance's life:
  • Dust compressor coils (usually at the back) every 6 months. if they don't work properly it make shorten the life of the compressor
  • don't open the door more than necessary and wipe down the door seal with a damp cloth to keep the seal working efficiently. Try shutting a piece of paper in the seal - tug it and if it slips out it easily may be time to replace the seal which will of course save money on energy bills.
  • clean underneath the freezer to retain good air circulation and if your freezer is not a self defrosting model, defrost when the ice is no more than half a centimetre thick as a build up of ice could over work the motor and burn it out.
Tumble Drier
Average life 13-14years 
  • empty the fluff out of the lint trap regularly and check other air vents too.
  • Check your drier is level as, if it is not, the parts supporting the drum as it wiggles around during use could wear out.
Average life 9 years
  • Keep clean inside as a build up of burnt food can cause unwanted electrical sparks.if it is very wet inside after cooking something leave the door open or dry with a soft cloth.
  • Gently wipe the control panel with a damp cloth only as any cleaning products could seep behind the panel and cause your microwave to malfunction.
Washing machine
Average life 10 years
  • Leave the door open after use to reduce the risk of mould forming.
  • check the door seal regularly and clean it with a soft cloth.
  • Don't overload the machine, the correct weight of washing will mean cleaner results and a longer life for the motor.
  • Every few months run your machine empty on the hottest wash to kill off any bacteria.
  • Check the pockets of clothes to make sure there are no items that could damage the drum.
  • Don't slam the door, this could break the catch or damage the seal.
  • check the hoses as they can crack over time.
Average life 9 years
  • Clean the filters. Consult your manual if you are unsure how to do this.
  • Once a month run a cleansing cycle.
  • In hard water areas check the sprayer arms for a build up of mineral deposits and wash in warm water.
  • keep door seals clean with a damp cloth to combat grease.
Lastly - start saving up for new appliances whenever you can- you never know when you may need to replace them.


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