Thursday, 11 February 2016


You may have seen Ilona (AKA the Mean Queen) a frugal blogger, lately being hailed as the world's most frugal woman and in the last few weeks she's certainly had a lot of media coverage!
She's on Youtube (see video below), she's been on national and local TV, on local radio and in the Daily Mail newspaper. 
In her daily blog postings she shares pictures of her frugal shopping and meals, her craft work, her walking, the summerhouse she built from scrap doors and her pets. 
She certainly does really well on buying reduced "stickered" food late in the day at her local supermarkets - I'm never so lucky and if I do spot something it's mostly a 10p reduction!
But more importantly, Ilona makes the point that you need to eat what you have and not what you might feel like. So her very sensible method is to buy those reduced stickered food items THEN decide how to cook and use them - very practical and frugal.
Of course her media exposure had drawn all sorts of unkind comments (as well as admiration) but there can't be much wrong with eating healthily, having no debt, owning your own home, having holidays and running a car, being physically active - and HAPPY! 
Well done Ilona - a woman after my own heart - as my blog title says:
"Happy Frugal Year isn't about being mean, miserly or unhappy - it's about saving money where you can, in order to be able to afford to splurge where you want to!"


Dry cleaning is really expensive and more and more clothes and home textiles seem to require it if you believe the label info. 
However, if you use your common sense, a lot of so-called "Dry Clean Only" items may possibly be washed by hand or if your washing machine has it, in a hand wash style low temperature programme. Look at the composition of your garment and if it's manmade nylon, polyester, acrylic type fabrics then it should be okay to hand wash. The most common reason manufacturers say items are dryclean only is often due to the strength of seams, delicate fabrics, or beading.