Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Yes, you really can make money from other people's supermarket till receipts and it's easy - although the opportunity to do it may not always be that often.
Here's how
Asda has a policy of being 10% cheaper than the other supermarkets - the Asda Price Guarantee - not just cheaper, but 10% cheaper! They have a website where you can check your Asda till receipt HERE. From chatting to the checkout operators I have found out that people rarely do this! I wonder why? It's free money!
You can check both online and store receipts by entering the numbers along the bottom of the receipt above the barcode. It's simple and quick to do, but you do have to wait 3 hours from the time you paid (24 hours for an online shop) to when you check your receipt on the site. You will then find out if Asda is going to give you a voucher for the difference in price between it and the other supermarkets.
If you have a voucher due then just print it out, retain it with the original receipt and present both at the checkout when you next shop at Asda. 
So - to get back to my original tip - look in the store/trolleys/carparks for other people's discarded receipts.They need to have over 10 items on them and preferably be long ones as the more items on the receipt, the more likely there will be a voucher to collect! Asda has no loyalty card scheme, so the receipt has no identity as such and can be used by anyone! 
From my own receipts I regularly get vouchers back most weeks, worth anything for £0.95p to £5.95!

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