Saturday, 12 July 2014


Thinking about logs for the woodburning stove in the middle of July may seem weird, but as we all know, frugality needs forward planning!
I've been saving all the cardboard tubes from my kitchen rolls and they are all stashed behind the settee - and, no I'm not going to show you a picture!
I only use about one kitchen roll a week, but we use about 2-3 cardboard logs each time we light the fire, so as the winter wears on I may have to also resort to using toilet roll holders, but they're bit small though, and probably burn a bit quicker.
Anyway to get to the making of the logs - just ram your cardboard tubes tightly with scrap paper or newspaper (I use all the stuff I would normally have to shred). They burn longer of course, the more paper you push in. You need something with a longish handle to really ram the paper hard down and I use an old ice cream scoop - the type that are made from one piece of metal not the squeezy handle types!
These paper logs help get the fire started (especially if you have don't have much kindling) and will also burn for a fairly long time.