Thursday, 24 April 2014


If, like me, you have weeds already coming up everywhere in your garden- paving slabs, walls, shingle driveways and paths - then you need this safe weedkiller. Just 3 cheap ingredients and a spray bottle are all you need. Cost is minimal - my vinegar was 0.96p for 1 litre, salt was 0.29p for the whole container pictured above and the washing-up liquid works out at less than 0.2p for a tablespoon! I did buy a spray bottle, though (0.69p). So my total cost for this weedkiller was around £1.96!
Just put a heaped tablespoon of salt into a spray bottle with a tablespoon of washing-up liquid and fill up with distilled vinegar. Shake well and don't worry if it foams up - this will subside later and you can then top up your spray bottle completely with vinegar.
Label your bottle - (a CD pen or other permanent marker is ideal).
Spray on your weeds on a dry sunny day and leave them to wither. If it's forecast to rain you should wait and do your spraying another day, as you want quite a few hours for the weedkiller to work before it gets washed off!
One word of caution, this weedkiller will kill weeds and any other plants it comes into contact with - that makes it fairly unsuitable to treat weeds in flowerbeds as it will be almost impossible to avoid your plants!
Happy frugal gardening!

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