Thursday, 6 March 2014


How often do you check your grocery shopping receipt - and would you know what price was actually on the supermarket shelf anyway? I wouldn't! 
But isn't it all done by the supermarket computer database? Well, yes it is, but the information has to be entered and updated by a human and this is where errors must occur.
I recently popped into my local supermarket just to buy the ingredients for my Frugal Chocolate Valentine's Heart Gift and on this occasion I was only buying a few items and was keen to price check my recipe before buying! 
One of my items was a pouch of Maltesers priced on the shelf at £1.88 - I was happy with that and paid at the checkout. But as I walked away it occurred to me that my 4 or 5 items had come to a bit more than I had roughly calculated - the Maltesers had gone through the scanner at £2.09, not £1.88 as per the shelf price. Now, I know it's only 21p, but the principle is that if the shelf price is wrong, then we are being misled and how many other times does that happen when we have a huge trolley full and checking it all would be impossible?
Anyway a trip to the customer service desk resulted in the shelf price being checked, my 21p being refunded and a £2 gift card being given to me as an apology - win/win!

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