Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Don't buy brand name over the counter medicines!
It has been said that the average person spends £8,500 on over the counter medicines in their lifetime! That's an awful lot of money and I suspect that many of us feel we should always buy the big name brand as it's somehow "better" or is the "correct" one to use - no, it just has more advertising, fancy packaging and higher prices.
It's fairly easy to compare - just check on the packet that the "active ingredient" is the same (and the same strength) as that is the important factor.
So here's some suggestions  for you to have a look at (prices correct at 9.12.2013) and save some money!
  • Hay fever remedies - Clarityn (Loratadine, 7 tablets) £3.15- own brand Boots equivalent is 99p, Clarityn Zirtek (cetrizine hydrochloride 10mg, 7 tablets) £3.29 - own brand Tesco equivalent is £1.
  • Indigestion remedies - Zantac relief £3.20 for 12, own brand Asda Indigestion relief £1, Gaviscon Liquid 500ml £7.20, own brand Tesco equivalent £4.25.
  • Pain killers - Nurofen (Ibuprofen) £2.10 for 16 tablets, own brand Tesco Ibuprofen 32p, Anadin (Aspirin, 32 tablets), Boots own brand 32 Aspirin is 50p.
  • Diarrhoea remedies - 12 Imodium Capsules £6.39, own brand Lloyds Pharmacy DiaFix £3.89, 6 Dioralyte sachets £3.99, own brand 6 Lloyds Pharmacy rehydration sachets £2.49.
  • Cold and 'flu remedies  - 10 sachets Lemsip Max Strength, Tesco own brand Max Strength £1.80.
The prices speak for themselves! However if you are unsure, ask the pharmacist on duty and make it clear you want the cheapest "generic" equivalent. 
Remember the cheaper alternatives may not be so easy to spot on the shelves, so do ask! There is no reason at all to pay the higher prices.

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