Saturday, 21 December 2013


My year of not spending (YONS) is about to draw to a close. For almost 12 months I have only spent very frugally - take note - it was not "a year of not spending anything"!
I have spent on food, normal household bills, car expenses and birthday presents (and a few plants for my garden on the spur of the moment -whoops!). 
Now it's Christmas and I will admit to buying a tad more food than usual and a few presents, but even those presents for the most part, have been sourced from charity shops, online auctions sites, or my own "creative kitchen". I haven't bought any new clothes to wear at Christmas, in fact I haven't bought much in the way of clothes at all this whole year- a couple of tops (because I've lost a bit of weight on the 5:2 diet) and that's it. I am however, in need of some smaller jeans and some underwear now!
I'm not avoiding spending next year, but I am going to be frugally aware of everything I do spend, as usual. I will use discount codes, cashback websites and coupons - I will never just buy something unless I know it's the cheapest price I can get it!
To round up the year, I'll leave you with an awe-inspiring story of a 16 year-old boy who saved so many coupons he was able to buy £600 worth of food from a supermarket for 4p and then he donated it all to charity! He does this extreme couponing on a regular basis to save his divorced Mum money on her food bill every week. I'd love to know more!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Frugal year!