Monday, 21 October 2013


Food waste has hit the headlines today just because Tesco has published some figures about its 28,500 tonnes of food waste- generated by its own stores in just 6 months! I think it may be trying to win favour by "coming clean" about that and then promising to do something about it!
I'm not surprised at their figures - I waste very little food indeed and not shopping at Tesco any more has helped that. I found that their fruit, veg and salad, generally, does not last very well beyond one day in the 'fridge. I can buy fresher, longer lasting fruit, salad and veg in the so-called budget supermarkets.
As their wasted food figure includes a percentage wasted by the customer, (how do they know that?) Tesco could help with that by replacing all their BOGOFF offers with 50% off ones!
But in the end, it's up to us. We can all wise up - we mustn't be persuaded into buying perishable food we cannot eat in time and will end up throwing in the bin, just because it's cheap.

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