Saturday, 3 August 2013


Checkout the garden centre casualty corner!
All garden centres have a casualty corner where they put reduced plants that have been damaged, have finished flowering or just need a little TLC. Providing these "casualties" are at least 50% off  you will probably get a bargain. 
When you get them home, check if they are dry and if they are, stand in a container of water for 24 hours. Keep out of strong sunlight, just until they are acclimatised and, if you are planting them out in the garden, check the roots for vine weevil grubs (little creamy white grubs) and remove and destroy. These grubs eat away at the roots of your plant and even if it is planted in fresh soil they will soon kill it. 
If your bargain is a pot plant, you will need to re-pot it in fresh compost as there will be almost no goodness left in the original soil. Although there is no immediate rush to do this as sometimes, it is better to leave the roots undisturbed just at first.
It may take until the following year to see the best of the plant and if you are due any low temperatures in the winter, it may be best to protect it from frost, but with any luck, you should have a lovely plant for the new season. 
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