Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Get the very last drops of product from all those plastic tubes (make-up, eye cream, facial wash etc) by storing them upside down once you find you cannot easily get any more out of the tube. Here you can see I've used a small lid off a shaving foam aerosol and this has given me 4 weeks more (after it had seemed empty) of using my cream every day!
To increase the flow of cream to the tip, after every use I take hold of the very bottom of the tube between finger and thumb, then bang the whole tube against my other outstretched hand (keeping the tube upside down all the time), then place back in your little pot.
The last step in this money-saving strategy is, when you can't get any more out of your tube even after storing upside down for weeks, then cut the tube in half. You will find that there is more product easily reachable to squeeze out or reach in with your finger. To store, crumple one end up a bit and stick back inside the other cut opening. That has given me another 10 days use of my cream! 
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