Monday, 10 June 2013


I'm half way through my Year of Not Spending (YONS), so I thought I should explain exactly what a YONS means for me and how it works...
Of course I am spending - we can't live without it costing something unfortunately, but this is a Year Of Not Spending, not a year of spending nothing - there's quite a difference.
I buy groceries, pay household bills and car costs including petrol. 
I don't continually buy new clothes, shoes, make-up, perfume, etc or coffee and lunches outside the house.
I get a lot of free perfume, toiletries, face creams etc from freebies on the 'net - some of the bigger things I win in free to enter competitions, I keep to give for birthday and Christmas gifts.
I don't pay for diet club memberships - I do the 5:2 diet, there are plenty of free recipes and guides to it on the internet (no need to buy a book!) and I walk, garden and work on my allotment when I can, for exercise. I do not pay for gym memberships.
I buy birthday presents (if I have to - see above) and cards (at the cheapest place I can find - they only get thrown away!) as necessary. If possible I use loyalty card points from grocery shopping and Nectar Adpoints (which is a non spend earn) to buy gifts and any small items I have to have for the home.
I only buy clothes if they are "cost neutral"- this means selling some old clothes/items on Ebay and using the cash to buy the necessary cheap clothes from charity shops!
My philosophy is "Do I really need it? If I do, can I get it free? or what can I sell to make the money to get it if I need it?"
So far it's working. As I've said before, the mere act of paying attention to every would-be purchase raises consciousness and makes me thing about everything I spend.
Happy frugalling!

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