Sunday, 9 June 2013


If you're anything like me, your plant labels get trodden on and broken each year which means you have fewer and fewer (and I seem to need more and more!)! I resent paying out for these little pieces of white plastic that get buried deep or smashed - or just plain disappear, so I've made my own this year from small drinking yogurt bottles.
You need a clean empty yogurt container and a pair of tough scissors - I happen to have some old kitchen scissors that do the job nicely. 
  • Cut into the neck ring and then cut it off.
  • Cut down to the base several times to create even sized strips - don't go too narrow as the plastic is a little flimsy, so the wider your labels are, the better.
  • Cut off your strips where they join the base and remove any decal plastic (it should just pull off).
  • Cut points at one end - done!
You will need a permanent marker to write on the plastic - I used a pen that writes on CDs.
One small pot makes 4 labels, they're quite flexible so won't break easily and, as we have at least one of these pots each day, we'll always have a plentiful supply!

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