Wednesday, 19 June 2013


We all like to buy things (why is that I wonder?) and often come down with a bump from that high of buying something, when we get the credit card or bank statement. It's a lesson we can't ever seem to  learn - that buying stuff doesn't really, really, in the end, make us happy!
So, with frugality and my own Year Of Not Spending very much in mind, I've got a 10 point mantra for you to go through if you are thinking of buying something! (and we do have to think about spending - no impulse buying for frugallers!).
  1. Do I really need it?
  2. Do I have something that I could use instead?
  3. Can I borrow it from someone? 
  4. Can I actually afford this right now?
  5. Have I researched this item well enough?
  6. Is it something that's going to be on offer/reduced soon?
  7. Can I find it cheaper elsewhere? 
  8. If I buy it do I have somewhere to keep it? 
  9. Is it good quality? 
  10. Will I regret buying it?
I often find that by the time I've thought all this through I've gone off the idea of buying whatever it is any way!

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