Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I remember some years ago being very, very broke and, for some reason I can't now remember (I think I may have been trying to retrieve a piece of biscuit), I stuck my hand right down the sides (warning this can be painful!) of some big squashy armchairs we'd been given years before - and bingo! I found some cash! (along with many bits of broken biscuit and cake crumbs). It wasn't an awful lot, about £3 I think, but as this was back in the early 1980s, that seemed quite a bit to me!
Another time, when on holiday and sitting in a pub on a big leather sofa, I found £4 in pound coins all down the side of my seat cushion!
So don't snigger or sneer- when you need some cash, think of all those places that money may hide; under car seats or mats, in old handbags, in coat or trouser pockets and down the sides of chairs - I've even found coins in the filter of the washing machine - but they broke the pump and cost me £80 - not very frugal!
Happy frugal cash hunting!

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