Friday, 24 May 2013


Mmmmmm - quick and cheap home-made marmalade, made in about 30 minutes! I have just made some marmalade using a can of Mamade ready prepared oranges, water and 4lb (1.8kg) of plain old white granulated sugar. I've done this many times over the years and have always preferred it as the marmalade (and jam) you buy, "breaks" after opening and starting to use, causing a lot of watery syrup to be present in the jar - I think this is due to gelling agents.
Unfortunately, I've just noticed that Mamade have added Citric Acid and a gelling agent (Pectin) to their cans- which I don't remember being there in the past - so we'll see if the marmalade breaks and gets syrupy after using. I've also noticed that shop bought jams and marmalades need to be refrigerated after opening or they go mouldy in a short time - my home made jams never go mouldy and are not kept in the fridge!
On the plus side, I have found that Lakeland sell a prepared orange product to make marmalade and list only Seville Bitter Oranges and water as the ingredients and still only £1.99 per can. They also do a lemon and a chunky peel one for marmalade - and next time I'm in town I'm buying some!
Anyway - to get back to the frugal facts of making marmalade this way:
Can of Mamade (or similar) £1.99, 1.8kg of white sugar (from Asda), £1.56 which equals £3.55 - really frugal for 6lbs of marmalade! This is approx 0.59p per jar, comparing very favourably with the cheapest I can find today (0.51p, Asda Fine Cut Marmalade with Sodium Citrates) which is not even a full 1lb jar at 454g.
* A Christmas festive twist for gift giving (or just for you!) - add one or two tablespoons of Grand Marnier or Cointreau liqueur for each pound of sugar when the marmalade reaches setting point!
Happy frugalling!

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