Thursday, 7 March 2013


Yes, in case you've missed all the cards, junk and chocolates in the stores and the adverts on-line, it's Mother's Day this Sunday 10th March!
Whatever your budget, remember it really is the thought that counts; think about what your mum really likes - her favourite colour, favourite flavour, choice of plants, favourite author etc., etc.,
There are always expensive off-the-shelf gifts in the supermarket, chemist and newsagent, but they are often poor value for money and, even worse very impersonal. If you can cook, make your mum a special cake or cupcakes, but think about her tastes - does she like orange flavour? Try these Candied Orange Cupcakes, does she prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate? Try this lovely Rich Chocolate mousse cake. is she a fan of Banoffi Pie? What about these Banoffi cupcakes?
If you can knit, there are thousands of free knitting patterns on the internet for small items like scarves and shawls but if you have more time, a simple cotton sweater may be great for her for summer and make sure you choose her favourite colour!
Time is also a great gift for mums - can you take her out to a local garden centre for coffee and cake and treat her to a plant? Or if funds are really tight, plant up a small container with seasonal plants like primulas or pansies. If you are a keen gardener you may have even grown some bedding plants from seed - even a small terracotta pot crammed with 3 small plants and wrapped prettily will be a hit!
No money at all? Do you have Tesco Clubcard, Boots or Superdrug points to spend? Use them to buy a gift for mum - Tesco Clubcard points can also be used to buy a magazine subscription (can all be done on-line if you have left it a bit late!) - a gift that last all year.
Imagination and thought will often save you money, whilst still creating a great gift!

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