Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Since my last YONS update (21st Jan) I have spent £3.97 at the charity shop! Yes, okay, I've fallen off the wagon a bit here, but there's a moneysaving purpose behind it all! And it was 15 days ago!
For £3.97 I bought a huge pair of beautiful lightweight curtains which will be transformed into a duvet cover with the help of my sewing machine (this is in my to-do queue, you understand), a vintage apron complete with original paper label (Ebay?) and a real cutesy pink and blue striped half apron (also new).
These bargains are from my local charity shop, which for some reason has started selling everything for 99p (well, except large items of furniture and all the stuff in the glass cabinet, that is!). This pricing decision is making the shop very popular indeed, because all the other charity shops in my town have become ridiculously expensive!
What I'm trying to say is... I may have to spend 99p occasionally - but it's all in a good cause!

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