Friday, 15 February 2013


If winter aches and pains still ail you (and we're not into spring quite yet) then just may be a wheat bag will give some relief. One of my readers has asked for a wheat bag tutorial (Valerie, this one's for you!) and it got me thinking about how very expensive they are to buy!
So, without further ado here is Marmalade Kisses's free tutorial for a wheat bag! I suppose whatever shape you choose to make is up to you and I've found some suggestions from Samelia's Mum's blog for using upcycled fabric to make them from - I particularly like the idea of using kids' old tracksuit trousers - this soft fabric would make a nice long wheat bag which is what I have, and we always find that's great for stiff necks and shoulder pain.
There are some pretty wheatbags to make over on A Spoonful of Sugar Designs too and this got me thinking about gifts - you may only be able to buy larger quantities of wheat - I haven't tried yet - but if you have more than you need, wheat bags could be a great Christmas present! Oops! I mentioned the 'C' word and it's only February!
One word of WARNING, please, please do be careful when heating wheat bags - they can be a very dangerous fire hazzard. Follow heating instructions, and if you do give them as a gift, make the recipient aware of how to safely use them. Surrey and Sussex fire services have made this video of wheat bag fires (there's some very surprising demonstrations in it) - please watch it and take note.

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