Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Happy New Frugal Year to all my fellow frugallers! Don't be downhearted - now all the Christmas and new year stuff is safely out of the way, we can set off on another money-saving year!
I've just moved house and am really broke, so my new year is going to begin with the idea that every day I SPEND NOTHING (and I mean NOTHING), is an achievement! My last big spend was yesterday, a much needed piece of furniture for the new house, but now I'm stopping.
I have a plan, every day I am going to keep a diary of my expenditure - right down to the last penny, and if I can get to the end of the month with some salary left then I will save half or use half to buy a necessity (and boy, do we need some stuff!). My overall goal is to save towards a house extension and, although I'll never have enough to pay for it myself, every penny saved is one less we have to borrow! And borrowing is actually not on our "to do" list at all!
My Year Of Not Spending (YONS) will go like this for every item I may need/want:
Do I have to have it? (Is it really necessary?)
Can I get it free? (Think Freecycle or Freegle - I'm signed up to both, locally and you can ask for something you need as well as browse the offers or buy items using points from loyalty cards).
Can I make it for nothing? (look around the house/garden/garage/shed/loft - do we have something to use to make something else?).
Can I get it from a charity shop (I've recently bought much needed curtains, lampshades and duvet covers already, for my new house).
Can I sell something I don't need to pay for it?  (think Ebay, boot sales, Gumtree etc.,).
I'm sure it's not going to be easy, but I'm going to try - so let's see where I am this time next year!

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