Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Use your local Freegle and Freecycle!
One man's junk is another man's treasure as the saying goes and people really do give stuff away! They may be unable to sell on Ebay or the item may be too big or heavy for them to transport to the tip, but whatever the reason, there's useful stuff out there and you just have to connect with the people that have it.
This year my family has received 2 spades, a hoe, 2 rakes, a garden fork (all to help with our new allotment), several bags of apples (to make cider), demi-johns and other wine-making paraphernalia, glass storage jars, a leather armchair, carpet and 2 Cath Kidston sewing booklets that were freebies in a weekend paper that I don't buy. I'm sure there has been more - I just can't remember it all!
You can also ask for anything you need- you never know it may be cluttering up someone's loft, garden or garage! We all need to save money and save the planet - the less stuff that goes to landfill, the better.
Just Google Freecycle or Freegle and the name of your town to find your local group, sign up and watch out for the daily digest emails that list items offered and wanted!
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