Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I know it's a bit soon to start thinking about the New Year, but we're all probably going to need to earn some extra cash! 
So here are a few ideas to get started with and start now, because they're not quick earners (is anything?)
  1. Complete online surveys such as YouGov (around 50 points per survey and pays out at 5000 (£50) by cheque) or Valued Opinions (50p-£5 per survey, pays out at £10 in the form of vouchers for all the high street brands).
  2. Cashback - sign up with Top Cashback and log in and go through the site before you make any online purchases. Cashback varies with retailer, but if you have to buy something anyway, you may as well get a little money back! Pays out when tracked, through Paypal or in the form of Amazon vouchers.
  3. Sell your unwanted presents on Ebay - this may also take a while, as many people won't be spending much in the first few months - unless they have Christmas money of course!
  4. Start blogging! A blog like this one is free from Blogger, join up with Google adsense, write regularly and write about what you are enthusiastic about, and eventually you may earn a little every month.
Good luck with it all! 

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