Wednesday, 17 October 2012


If you are having a Halloween party and really want some ghastly, gross recipes to horrify your guests, then look no further. I've found a truly grisly slection of eatables for you to create! 
So here we go - we have edible eyeballs, yucky green Swamp Dip, more Eerie Eyeballs recipes, Creepy Mummy Hotdogs, Brain Cupcakes, Jelly Worms (too realistic, yuck!), Goblin Tongues, Melon Brain, Witch's Hairy Finger Breadsticks, Brain Jelly, Pizza Mummies, Carrot Fingers and Forked Eyeballs, Witch's Finger Cookies, Halloween Graveyard Cake, Kitty Litter Cake (eeewww!), Pecan Caramel SpidersGreen Jellied Eyeballs, Halloween Meathead (gross!) and perhaps worst of all, a Severed Meat Hand!
That's it for me- I'm completely grossed out!

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