Thursday, 20 September 2012


For anyone who hasn't yet heard, been phoned, received unwanted texts - the whole dirty business of people wanting to reclaim your PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) on your behalf, seems to be escalating beyond control.
Perhaps to begin with some of these firms who advertise that they can get you thousands back may have been genuine - insomuch as they would have got your refund of PPI (always supposing you ever paid any) and would have charged you 30% of whatever they got back. However, now we seem to be plagued by any number of shonky pop-up firms who may get your money back, but you never receive it and they then become "uncontactable" - shorthand for "gone into liquidation".
The truth is, you can get your own PPI back if you follow a few simple steps (which is all any PPI reclaiming company would do) and then all the money you reclaim is yours.
Firstly, if you know who you had the PPI with, then things should be fairly straightforward; you write to them and tell them you believe you've been missold PPI and that will start the process. If you don't know the details of your PPI payments, then you need to check your credit report (does cost a couple of pounds but there are ways to get it for free) this will give details going back 6 years of what loans etc you have had, thus providing contact details.
For template letters, FAQs and masses more info go to and start reclaiming!

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