Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Portion Control!
Keep track on just how much food you are allowing per person - we all sometimes have far too much rice or pasta cooked and often we eat it all anyway, sometimes it's thrown away (terrible!) and rarely it is used in leftover recipes (or more often, later found in a furry heap in the fridge!).
I've found that the amounts of pasta and rice recommended per portion on the back of packets are often ridiculously huge, and, even worse,  I know some people who just pour it in the saucepan and don't weigh it at all!
So my tip is to always weigh your rice and pasta, and always count out your potatoes. For a curry where rice is an accompaniment I use 2 ozs (approx 50g) per person. If I'm entertaining I may use 3ozs. For pasta I use 3 ozs per person (as an accompaniment), or where the meal is pasta based, 4ozs, and for potatoes; 4 baby new ones or 3 medium older ones. 
There are also portion guidelines for meat and fish (just Google it) which catering businesses use to avoid waste and expenditure - keeping to these will save you money too!
It's not being mean, it's being sensible, not wasteful - and frugal!
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