Wednesday, 5 September 2012


For all you crafty frugallers out there, you have a few weeks to create all your Halloween goodies! I've rounded up some lovely free Halloween knitting patterns created and generously given by those talented craft bloggers out there in the bloggerverse! These all take small quantities of yarn, so are suitably frugal!
So to begin - a quirky Halloween wig, shown in pink, but I  think it would also make a really great black witches' wig, then we have a cute pumpkin Jack O' Lantern HERE and a pumpkin decoration HERE, a fabulous pair of fingerless Halloween pumpkin mitts, a Halloween witch doll, a pumpkin tea-cosy, and a tiny ghost to spook us all out!

Happy Halloween knitting!
(and don't forget, if you're looking for free Christmas knitting patterns, check out my Free Christmas Knitting Patterns blog!)

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