Friday, 6 July 2012


I've just made some really tasty raspberry jam from frozen raspberries for the first time ever and it was a real success! Now, I hear you say, why are you using frozen raspberries when we are in the midst of (what passes for) summer? Well, frugality - of course! Fresh raspberries, even in season, are too expensive for jam making!
Raspberry jam costs anything from .80p to nearly £3 per jar and much of it is rubbish. Most of these jams have gelling agents in them and after the initial use where the "jelly-like" consistency is broken, all you get it pink watery stuff - yuck! And wasteful- that's water you can't use and have paid for.
So, I bought a 500g pack of frozen raspberries from Lidl (£1.99) and a 5kg bag of granulated sugar (I plan to make more jam and some marmalade - more about that later) and one lemon. My recipe uses 500g fruit and 500g sugar (8p per 100g) with the juice of a lemon (30p) - total cost for 3 jars, a very frugal £2.69 and it tastes like heaven! 
When making this jam I put all the raspberries in the pan with the juice of the lemon on a very low heat - when the raspberries were softening and some juice could be seen, I added the sugar and boiled as normal.
Next time I'm making a larger batch!

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