Tuesday, 10 July 2012


No food is really and truly cheap - I know, but some reasonably priced foods do stretch further than others. Here's a few ideas to get you started:-

Pulses – kidney beans, butter beans, chick peas use in chilli concarne, instead of meat in curry and bolgnaise sauces – or make my favourite Butter Bean Curry!

Eggs - make a Spanish omelette with fried onion and leftover veg, boil and slice for a lovely egg salad.

Oats – mix in crumble, make flapjack, mix a couple of handfuls in with mince to bulk up a shepherd’s pie or – make porridge!

Rice - protein-rich and filling, it makes a great surround to a smaller amount of meat or chicken curry!

Pasta – use as an accompaniment to a salad, toss with roasted peppers, onions and garlic with strips of ham or pepperoni for a meal in itself - or make macaroni cheese!

Chicken- not cheap, but buy a good-sized bird and roast it on Sunday, carving the breast, but saving the wings and legs for a curry and salad. Pick the carcass clean before it cools – it will be easier to get every last flake of meat off! Boil the carcass with an onion and a carrot and use the stock to make soup with or without chicken or make a vegetable soup with left over veg and then liquidise.

Canned fish- tuna, mackerel – all really good for us! Combine your tuna with pasta and mushroom soup and top with a sprinkle of grated cheese for a lovely main meal, or pile a plate high with salad and top with a tin of mackerel turned out and served with brown bread and butter triangles.

Meat – a large piece of tasty pork shoulder may cost £12-£14, but I’ve just slow cooked one in BBQ sauce for Sunday lunch for 4 people, chunked up another lot to heat up in left over sauce with new potatoes and veg for 3 people, then sliced the remainder to eat with salad for 4 people – so I did get 11 main meals from it! I’ve also got a suspicion that my other half ate at least a portion whilst he was carving- naughty and not very frugal!

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