Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I am, today, not for the first time, severely disappointed in Tesco. I was eagerly awaiting my £20 off code for shopping 3 times between May 13th and 21st June as per their recent offer. My code however, did not arrive so I carefully reread their "reminder"  email to shop 3 times:
"Don’t forget to take advantage of this great offer – to qualify you just need to spend at least £40 with us on three separate occasions between 13th May and 21st June 2012 inclusive. If you do we'll send you an eCoupon on 24th June to use on your next shop when you spend £40 or more."
Note, it says nothing about where you do these 3 shops. After the message quoted above, the email then has a big white space until much further down I read:
"To qualify for the £20 offer you need to shop grocery online three times before 21st June, spending £40 or more each time."
So - I hadn't spotted this before and, thus - no £20 code for me - I shopped in store! 
Am I being paranoid - or is this just another strategy by Tesco to rip us off? 
I wonder how many other people were mislead like me?

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