Monday, 11 June 2012


When it's raining outside and the children are bored, don’t take them out to the cinema or to some other indoor game/ballpit/bowling alley kind of place where you will spend £20 quicker than the time it takes for them to say “I want an ice-cream/milkshake/burger/chocolate bar!" Instead, wrap up in waterproof macs, put on your wellies, grab your umbrellas and go for a walk!
Try to have a circular route in mind, keep the pace up, try a “first one to spot a red car, oak tree, blue door” kind of game as you go and if they start flagging half way round, keep them going with the promise of a hot chocolate and biccies when you all get back.
You know what they say - there’s no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes!
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