Monday, 11 June 2012


Just in case one free knitting patttern for Zingy the EDF flame wasn't enough, I've found you all another one! It's on the Nimble Needles website - just scroll down the page a little and you can download the pdf for free! 
And although every frugaller really should knit, if you can't knit or won't knit - then for £7 you can buy one already knitted for you!
Edit: please see comment below. This pattern is now being sold for £1 in aid of a charity that supports people with epilepsy. I do hope that you will support the designer and her charity - Thanks frugallers!

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hennie said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my pattern, unfortunately I discovered it was being sold on ebay, so have withdrawn the free choice, however since i donate 100% of everything sold on my website to our sons memorial fund
hopefully people won't object to paying £1 for a pattern which helps people with epilepy.

Thank you again for sending people our way.