Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Turn those lights off!
Make a habit of turning the lights off when you leave a room and switch to energy-saving light bulbs. It's now possible to get them in a large selection of (better looking) shapes and sizes, suitable for most lights and lamps and even though they can seem expensive to buy, compact fluorescent bulbs use two-thirds less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs, and last up to 10 times longer. See the chart below for guidance as to equivalent wattage choices for your bulbs.

Traditional bulb Low-energy CFL bulb
100 W 20 – 25 W
60 W 13 – 18 W
40 W 8 – 11 W
25 W 6 W

Using a 13-watt compact fluorescent in place of a 60-watt incandescent could mean a saving of £15 in energy costs over the life of the bulb.
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On a hot, sunny day (if we ever get one) nothing beats Elderflower cordial diluted with sparkling water and served with ice and a slice of lemon. 
July heralds the best time to get out and pick those flower heads and I've already seen a few on the hedge surrounding my allotment. 
If you know a good spot to pick some Elderflowers, keep an eye on the blooms and hopefully, you will be able to pick them when they are huge, like small tea plates - you'll need about 25-30 flower heads (and most of the small individual flowers need to be open, not still in buds) for your Elderflower cordial recipe lemons, an orange, sugar and citric acid

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Use your washing line!
Try to line dry all your washing – even in the winter. Use the tumble dryer as an absolute last resort as they are very power hungry. 
Watch the weather forecast and put off washing a load if it’s raining - difficult I know, if you have a family. 
Trying to get your washing out on the line until it’s even half dry will help and it can finish drying on an airer. Using a conservatory if you have one will dry clothes as, even in winter, any sunshine there may be can make them very warm.
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I am, today, not for the first time, severely disappointed in Tesco. I was eagerly awaiting my £20 off code for shopping 3 times between May 13th and 21st June as per their recent offer. My code however, did not arrive so I carefully reread their "reminder"  email to shop 3 times:
"Don’t forget to take advantage of this great offer – to qualify you just need to spend at least £40 with us on three separate occasions between 13th May and 21st June 2012 inclusive. If you do we'll send you an eCoupon on 24th June to use on your next shop when you spend £40 or more."
Note, it says nothing about where you do these 3 shops. After the message quoted above, the email then has a big white space until much further down I read:
"To qualify for the £20 offer you need to shop grocery online three times before 21st June, spending £40 or more each time."
So - I hadn't spotted this before and, thus - no £20 code for me - I shopped in store! 
Am I being paranoid - or is this just another strategy by Tesco to rip us off? 
I wonder how many other people were mislead like me?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


 Image result for full car boot
Clear your car out!
According to Quentin Wilson, you can save £25 per year in petrol costs by just clearing out your boot! Of course it depends how much stuff you've got in there! 
But anyway, "every little helps" - according to the large conglomerate supermarket which likes to rip us off every week!
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Save petrol by keeping your tyres correctly inflated! According to the RAC it can improve your fuel consumption by 2%!
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Move your ISA (Individual Savings Account) every year – not got an ISA? If you're a taxpayer you should have! 
All interest is paid tax free and you can invest up to £5640 into a cash ISA each financial year (2012/13). 
Most interest rates on savings accounts are now made up of a base rate and a "bonus" rate which after one year is dropped - so if you do have an ISA and you've had it for over a year chances are your money is languishing in your bank's coffers at a really pathetic rate of interest - sometimes under half of one percent!
Check out some of the best cash ISA accounts HERE.

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Monday, 11 June 2012


I was going to buy my Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner from Tesco last Friday, but after picking it up and seeing the shelf price of £3.30 for 1.5 litres, I put it back! 
Instead I ordered it from Amazon who supplied me with two 1.5litre bottles of Comfort Pure for £4 - delivered free. 
So - 1.5 litres for £3.30 at Tesco or 3litres for £4 from Amazon- which would you buy?
How can this be? What is going on with pricing? 
Tesco may have lots of "deals" and "offers", but I believe their base prices are still far too high - the buzz is that folks are fed up with Tesco's cynical price tweaking. It's never nice to go shopping and believe we're being taken for idiots.


Just in case one free knitting patttern for Zingy the EDF flame wasn't enough, I've found you all another one! It's on the Nimble Needles website - just scroll down the page a little and you can download the pdf for free! 
And although every frugaller really should knit, if you can't knit or won't knit - then for £7 you can buy one already knitted for you!
Edit: please see comment below. This pattern is now being sold for £1 in aid of a charity that supports people with epilepsy. I do hope that you will support the designer and her charity - Thanks frugallers!


When it's raining outside and the children are bored, don’t take them out to the cinema or to some other indoor game/ballpit/bowling alley kind of place where you will spend £20 quicker than the time it takes for them to say “I want an ice-cream/milkshake/burger/chocolate bar!" Instead, wrap up in waterproof macs, put on your wellies, grab your umbrellas and go for a walk!
Try to have a circular route in mind, keep the pace up, try a “first one to spot a red car, oak tree, blue door” kind of game as you go and if they start flagging half way round, keep them going with the promise of a hot chocolate and biccies when you all get back.
You know what they say - there’s no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes!
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