Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Tesco does it again - tries to fool us that it cares, that its prices are fair, that it offers a good deal - well here's an example of Tesco shenanigans of the worst kind. 
An 18 roll pack of Tesco Luxury Soft toilet rolls seemed like a bargain at £6.50 - so I decided not to go for the Andrex 18 roll pack at £7 from Amazon, but to save myself 50p. My purse may have been happy, my bottom however, did not thank me - and here's why:
Mixed in with Tesco's "Luxury Soft" 18 rolls are at least 2 rolls of very rough, very un-"luxury", sandpaper-like toilet paper. 
I have found this before in their larger packets, where one roll is very rough and cheap, but now it seems they are sneaking a few more in to fleece us.
So here's the bottom line - so to speak, I'm fed up with Tesco and its cynical price manipulation- how about you?

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