Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Much of the country now has a hosepipe ban, but there are certain exclusions for some people - and you could be one of them.
Some water authorities - and not all - have made an exemption for people over 65 so that they can continue to use their hosepipes, but this by no means universal and the you will need to visit the website of your water provider (not your sewage company - they are not necessarily the same) and check its exemptions to the hosepipe ban.  
Read carefully however, as my own water company initially offered this exemption to people over 65, but have now withdrawn it and are now only offering it to those people who have mobility problems and possess a local authority Blue Badge. There are of course also general exemptions mainly to do with business use.
As I'm on a water meter we stopped general use of hoses a long time ago and have two large water butts to harvest rainwater from our roof. This still seems the most eco friendly (and cheap) way to use water, especially as our water charges have just had a massive hike!
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