Monday, 5 March 2012


I have (just last Thursday) paid a visit to my nearest Lidl for the first time in a couple of years. I went there to buy raspberry canes, but they had none left, so I thought I'd take a look at their prices and (maybe) buy a few things if it looked worth it.
Lidl are cheap, but they're 9 miles away, so my common sense theory is that it's too far to go every week to save a few pounds - bearing in mind the cost of petrol. Up until now, that is.Without further ado I will list what I bought and, where possible, what that item costs at the regular supermarkets (prices from my
Hovis Wholemeal medium sliced loaf - 2 for £2 (same as Tesco and Sainsbury)
Celeriac - 0.99p per kilo (Waitrose £1.79 , Sainsbury £1.40)
Baking potatoes loose - 0.89p per kilo (Sainsburys £1.37, Asda £1.30, Waitrose £1.39, Tesco £1.30).
Avocado - 0.59p (Asda 0.64p, Sainsbury £1.00, Tesco 0.90p, Waitrose 0.99p)
Gala apples - £1.29 per bag of 8 (Waitrose £1.92, Tesco £1.55, Saisbury £1.80 or 2 for £3, Asda £1.60 for bag of 10)
Granny Smith's apples- £1.00 for a bag of 6 very big ones (Asda £1.60, Sainsburys £1.80 for 5, Tesco £1.80 for 7 smaller apples, Waitrose £1.92 for 7)
Cherry plum tomatoes 250g - £1.00 (Sainsburys on offer £2.99 per kilo, Tesco 0.98p for 300g)
Frozen Raspberries 500g - £1.99 which = approx 0.50p per 100g (Tesco 46.3 per 100g, 57.1 per 100g, Sainsburys 41.7 per 100g, Waitrose 84.3 per 100g)
Semi-skimmed milk 4pt size -  £1.00 (Tesco and Sainsburys £1.18,  Asda 2 for £2.00, Waitrose £1.25)
Heinz Baked beans 6 x 415g pack - £2.48 (Asda £3.00, Sainsburys £3.49, Tesco £3.14)
Orange Juice 1litre 0.59p (Tesco value 0.56p, Asda Smartprice 0.56p, Waitrose £1.10p but cheaper for 4 @ 0.87p each)
Tinned Tomatoes 0.33p per 400g tin (Tesco Value 0.31p, Asda Smartprice 0.31p, Sainsburys Basics 0.39p, Waitrose essentials 0.69p)
Box of 2 mozzarella Pizzas £2.00 - no real comparisons to be found elsewhere, but these are very tasty, a medium size and a real bargain. I usually pay anywhere between £2-4 each elsewhere.
So without working it out down to the last penny, it appears that Lidl is a pretty safe bet for cheaper fruit and veg, own label frozen foods and offers like the 6 pack of baked beans. I didn't do a whole week's shopping and I could see that other items were cheap as well, such as meat, a very large bottle of Morning Fresh washing up liquid at 0.89p and a 400g carton of strawberry yogurt at 0.89p. 
If I did a whole week's shopping at Lidl (and continue to train myself to memorise what things averagely cost elsewhere) the savings could well be more than the cost of the petrol (about £3.20) to get there and back, but I think it may need to be a saving of £7 or £8 per week to make it really worth the trip. 
Those of you who are lucky enough to have a Lidl in your town will definitely save money there - but then you probably already know that!.


sloeginlin said...

My favourite shop, hate going anywhere else now.

s said...

Yes! I'm wishing Lidl would take up an empty supermarket building in our town and give Tesco a run for its money!