Wednesday, 14 March 2012


It's March - the month that the clocks go forward, the official start of spring, slightly lighter evenings already, Mother's day and even the odd very sunny, hot day! This is the time to get your seeds sown, your garden tidied, veg and flower beds dug over and enriched with compost. I've been making newspaper seed pots with this little old style gadget that my husband bought me! It's surprisingly therapeutic! I always run out of small pots to sow seeds in and actually they take up way too much potting compost anyway.
Check through your seed packet stash and set aside all those that say they need to be planted in February and March, stick a rubber band round them all and then get sowing! Gather together trays and small pots or paper seed pots, potting compost (look for own brand multibuy offers in your local DIY chain) and make labels from strips of plastic milk bottles. Even if your seeds are out of date, it's usually worth sowing them as they will often be okay for a year past the packet date. If you have too many of one kind that you now you will never use or need, then swap some with a friend or neighbour - seeds are expensive! Don't try to do all your sowing in one day, a couple of types of seeds sown every day throughout a week, will get it done without that gardening fatigue setting in!

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