Wednesday, 14 March 2012


It is Mother's Day on Sunday the 18th March and if you haven't yet bought your Mum's card and present, then here's some (fairly frugal) ideas:
If you have to post the gift then a voucher, securely packed chocolate or novel may be the way to go. If you can give your gift in person, a pretty gift bag big enough for a paperback, small pot plant, handcream, chocolate, a posy of flowers from your garden (in any combination) will usually go down well. If you can cook, then a really special chocolate cake, or cupcakes, biscuits or home-made fudge may also be a great idea!
If your mum is a gardener, you can make up your gift bag (or a pretty plant pot) with pretty gardening gloves, seeds, small trowel etc., Look around the supermarket and DIY shops for inspiration, then make up your own! Buy a little hanging basket and plant it up with a selection of small plants - and of course offer to fix it up as well!
Here's some more of my ideas for Mother's Day presents:
Thats it - I'm all out of ideas now- Happy frugal Mother's Day!

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