Friday, 9 March 2012


Yes, you did read that right - you can buy quite a few items on your grocery shopping list from Amazon! Now, if I'm the only person in the world to whom this is an astonishing revelation - then I apologise, but just humour me for a moment while I explain myself. I knew Amazon in America sold grocery items, but had never encountered anything in the grocery line on all my very frequent browsing sessions on Amazon UK. But this is how it happened...
My favourite instant coffee is no longer stocked by the local supermarket so my other half Googled it - and it came up on Amazon! Cheaper than I used to buy it and with free delivery, albeit that I have to buy a larger quantity which lasts us a month! My next item is going to be toilet rolls! Yes, really, Amazon has Andrex 18 roll pack for £7 delivered free! And 6 x 95g jars of Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence coffee is £17.90 (delivered free) which works out at £7.52 per kilo!
I keep my supermarket open in another tab to compare prices as I shop and I then add my regular purchases to my Wish List. If I chose to I could get my items 10% cheaper by using the Subscribe and Save offer where items are sent regularly at an interval of my choosing - I may ultimately do this, but I'm watching the prices for a while first!
Happy Frugal Shopping!

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