Saturday, 4 February 2012


You probably all know by now that our esteemed water companies are are all going to raise their prices by an average of 5.7%. My own water company has announced the highest rise of 8.2%! Now I know prices have to go up, but this is way, way above inflation!
So here's a few tips to help lower the cost to compensate a little for these horrendous price hikes:
  • If you don't have a water meter and your house has more bedrooms than people, it could save you money - ask to get one installed. It should be free and may save you as much as £100 per year.
  • Now if you are already on a meter -Never wash your hands or face, brush your teeth or shave under a running tap. Plug in - turn on tap!
  • Fit a Hippo device in your cistern - this makes every flush use less. I have seen a plastic 500ml bottle with a screw cap used to the same effect (fill it with water replace cap and place in cistern).
  • Don't flush the toilet with absolutely every use - if you see what I mean!
  • Check for leaks and drips. A dripping tap can waste enough water to half fill a bath in a week!
  •  Keep a washing up bowl in your sink it will help you save water.
  • Save the water you have washed fruit, vegetables and salad in and use it for watering plants, washing windows, the car or anything else that does not require absolutely clean water. If you can make the effort, I have known people who save such used water in a bucket and flushed their toilet with it!
  • In the summer I save this used water, along with any from when I've washed my hands before cooking/eating and I fill the watering cans with it, or directly pour it over very thirsty plants in the garden (roses, runner beans, rhubarb etc.)

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