Friday, 27 January 2012


I have an inbox full of emails entreating me to "hurry - offer ends soon" or "20% off until Sunday", or worse, "free delivery when you spend over £40" and I've just realised today that I am "offer weary" - I'm just not responding with any enthusiasm. Why is this? Well, I do have that "hard up new year feeling", not with any real reason, but I am really noticing how high prices of just about everything are, and it's just a cynical con.
Retailers are bumping up the price of everything (new stock as well as sale items) so that at some point they can tempt us (or so they think) with 50% off deals, to try to make us believe we are actually getting a bargain.
I've always been a shopper who thinks about the quality of an item, how long it's likely to last and whether the price reflects any of that, but I'm even more likely now to look at something I need to buy and make a judgement about whether it's actually worth the price!
The email that reminded me of this was from a large department store urging me to check out its weekly offers - and I did click the link which took me to the front page of the website - a man's scarf took my eye - it was "normally" (whatever that is) £15 and is now on offer for a limited time, at £4.99. Reading the decription of the scarf, the material it was made from etc., I would estimate that, in my judgement, that scarf was really only worth £6-7 anyway. So in that particular case, if I really needed such an item I might, might, might, buy it. 
But actually nowadays, I'd be much more likely to hunt out a better quality item made from higher quality materials and pay around £10-£12 for it - whatever "designer" brand it was (or wasn't). I would have researched available scarves, prices, delivery costs, available discount codes and whether I could buy through a cashback website. 
In other words, it's not a spur of the moment purchase, it's one I've considered, researched and made a judgement on.

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