Tuesday, 15 November 2011


It's an old saying, but probably true, that most of us have hundreds of poundsworth of unwanted stuff in our homes, just gathering dust and filling up our cupboards. So, it seems it's the right time to try to get rid of it and make some cash for Christmas!
Check your cupboards and shelves for unwanted CDs, DVDs and books. When you've sorted them out have a look at Amazon and enter their barcodes or isbn numbers into the search box and see what your stuff is currently selling for. Amazon, as you list your item, will tell you how much you will get if it sells (bear in mind you have postal charges to deduct from that) and if you decide not to go ahead with the listing you can cancel it.
Ebay is everyone's best known selling place, but many things are selling for 99p - and take into account exit fees, Paypal costs and any listing costs and it may be that you cannot make any money at all! If you have shelves full of videos, the best place for them is probably the charity shop - they can't even be given away now and some charity shops will actually not take them at all.
Go through your wardrobe and take out everything that no longer fits or that you haven't worn for at least a year! Clothes in good condition sell well on on Ebay - particularly bigger sizes (18 upwards) and items from Next, M & S, Debenhams or any designer names are very popular. Shoes in unworn or near unworn condition also sell well, but make sure you photograph any marks closely and show the condition of the soles. Toys can also sell well if they are in very good condition and complete. Try advertising in your local free ad paper and Ebay if you can.
If you don't want to use Ebay, you can stick all your unwanted stuff in the boot of your car and do a boot sale - not easy, cheap or comfortable - you may have to battle early mornings, bad weather and a poor turn out - particularly in November/December! It may help to get together with a friend and share the pitch fee - that way you will also have company and someone to hold the fort if you need the loo!
If you have unloved ornaments they can be popular on Ebay - again, you need to decide what you want and set a price. If you believe any pieces may have real value, a visit to your local auction house with a boxful may be worthwhile to get some advice and possibly sell them.
And don't forget, if you are in work and can do any extra overtime now, it will help with costs both before and after Christmas!

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