Thursday, 27 October 2011


I love browsing recipe books and magazines and drooling over cake recipes - well, we probably all do, but, when I decide I'd like to have a go at cooking one of those scrumptious looking creations, I lose all interest when I read something like, "take 6 eggs" or "use 6ozs of butter" or "the whites only, of 5 eggs"!
Really? Who can afford to chuck 6 eggs and half a pound of butter into a cake that'll be eaten in an evening (well, perhaps that's only in my house!) and will cost the price of a meal? But it is possible to find a happy medium- lower fat cakes are better for you, as well as for your wallet!
I have a few frugal cake recipes in my collection like my Frugal Parkin Cake (only 1 egg and 2 ozs fat), my (almost) Fat Free fruit Cake (2 eggs, no fat) or my Seedy Flapjack Bars (no eggs and only 6 tablespoons of very frugal Rapeseed oil), but I'd like more!
I'm gradually adding to my "frugal cakes" recipes - but it's taking years, so if anyone out there has cake recipes with lower amounts of fat and eggs (or any other expensive ingredient) - I'd love to hear from you!
Just send me those recipes. Please!

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