Tuesday, 11 October 2011


It's nearly Halloween and your little ones will be wanting to dress, up, party and trick or treat! trouble is, it all costs and in these troubled times should we, could we afford to even bother with Halloween?
Well, I for one, think that these are just the times to dress up, cook up, have a bit of fun and party - albeit very frugally! Just a few ghoulish items to wear and decorate with, some fun things to eat and you've done it! Sounds easy- doesn't it?
To start with - dressing up. If you have any bits and pieces left over from last year drag them out and see what you can do with them. Poundland has some great Halloween gear and it's cheap - well, it's, not surprisingly, £1 for anything! There are witches brooms, Halloween sky lanterns, skeleton outfits, gloves, Gothic dresses, brides outfits, masks, hats, make-up kits, jewellery, skeleton tee shirt tops, rats, glowing spiders, decorations, hanging skeletons and much much more. Okay, no-one is denying the dressing up outfits are a bit basic- but see what you can pick up to decorate them or match them with. Black leggings or jeans are always useful to use and if you have old black tee shirts see how you can make them into kids' outfits. On my weekly wander around the charity shops, I saw a beautiful black lace silky cobweb shawl - ideal to enhance a witches' outfit, jazz up that Gothic dress from Poundland or add to the ghoulishness of the Halloween bride's outfit. It's never too late to start your dressing up box- just remember to gather it all up and store it away for next year!
Halloween spooky food is a must - check out these great ideas for Halloween cakes and ghoulish drinks!
Turn your dining table into a graveyard feast (and loads more ideas for decorating your house), carve a pumpkin with these free pumpkin carving stencils , loads of other pumpkin themed craft ideas , if you can knit there's a pumpkin shaped tea cosy pattern and if you can crochet there's a pumpkin baby hat and decorations galore!
Happy Frugal Halloween!

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