Saturday, 24 September 2011


Rumour has it that the supermarkets are poised for a new price war initiative from Monday. Apparently Tesco is going to cut its 3 for 2 type offers in favour of consistently lower prices - mmmm, well, we'll see.
If they are trying to win back some customers from the likes of Lidl and Aldi, they're going to have to work harder on their confusion marketing pricing policies. We need transparent pricing for clear comparisons. We want to be able to see clearly that we are saving money - and do not need a calculator or a computer to work out just which product or supermarket is cheaper.
Tesco's PriceCheck promise is also failing me at the moment. I am consistently getting "Tesco was cheaper" - but half my virtual checkout receipt shows N/A beside the items I have bought. Conveniently, it seems, those items are not available in Asda! I have checked on My Supermarket and, with a few exceptions, that seems to be true.
So will be lured away from the cheaper stores? I'm going to bide my time and watch carefully what the prices of things that I buy every week do.
I'm also going to check that product sizes don't shrink along with prices too!
Happy frugal shopping!

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