Friday, 19 August 2011


Bunting is all the rage at the moment and I think it really does add a certain something to anywhere it's hung - a dark corner of a bedroom, in your retro camper, across the front of your garden tent or patio, down your fence - wherever it hangs it seems to brighten things up, so on my trawls around the internet looking for nice things to make (which incidently means most of the time I actually don't have any time to make anything) I have found a great way to make pretty bunting for (almost) free!
This is a great one for the kids to do as it is simple to make, but effective. All you need is old road atlasses, maps or magazines, a cardboard template in the shape of a diamond (use a cereal packet), glue stick, scissors and garden string or wool. You can make this bunting as glam or simple as you like. All you need to do is cut out your diamond shapes, fold them in half to make a crease, open out, spread glue over one half and fold over your string or woll at regular intervals - done!
Take a look at this upcycled bunting tutorial to get started.
You can vary your design and make your bunting as long as you want - if you use magazines you could choose all pink pages or any colour to co-ordinate with your room/garden/camper/car! If you happen to have any glitter, puff pens or old nail varnish around the house, you could add a this for a bit of sparkle too! Your design choices are endless, but just remember don't leave your bunting out in the rain!
Happy frugal summer!

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