Wednesday, 10 August 2011


We've had a reasonable school summer holiday so far - fairly sunny, even with the odd downpour! But if you're in the middle of one of those wet days - what do you do with the kids? Here's a few free ideas:
  • Get out your photograph albums and look through them together. Kids love to see themselves as babies or toddlers. Get them to talk about the photos by asking questions like "when was that?", "who is that?", "what were we doing then?" or "where were we on holiday?" Kids love to show what they can remember and this also develops their communication skills.
  • Get the macs, umbrellas and wellies and go for a walk in the rain to do some puddle jumping. Good exercise and fun!
  • Get them storytelling. Sit together with cushions and duvets under the table or all on the sofa. Start them off with a line such as, "Once upon a time..." or something more dramatic like "Michael opened the heavy old door with difficulty. It creaked open and revealed..." Everyone has to take a turn at telling the next part of the story, it can be written down later - a good memeory test- and illustrated by all contributors!
  • gather together some junk (cereal packets, cardboard tubes, small boxes, plastic bottles) and have a junk modelling session with sticky tape and glue.
  • decorate old socks with buttons, felt and glitter to make into puppets. Put on a puppet performance when you've finished your creations.
Happy frugal fun! 
More things to do in the school holidays!

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