Sunday, 24 July 2011


Another bright idea for keeping the kids occupied during the summer holidays is to stage your own Olympics. This is, of course, if the weather is dry! The school holidays is the time to make your garden work for you, but if you don't have one or it's too small, find your nearest park and use that instead.

Each child can choose to be a country and make themselves a flag badge coloured in on a sticky white label. Use everything you can think of for your "sports".
Here's some ideas - plastic drinks bottles filled with a little water or sand and bowled over with a football if you don't have skittles. A bucket or large bowl to throw a tennis ball or sponge ball into from a set distance or use basket ball hoop if you have one, hopping races, running races, welly throwing, running on the spot whilst being timed, press-ups or timed "stepping" using the doorstep if you don't have a posh stepper!

This is a good activity to do with other families using the park, perhaps with each family bringing the equipment for a "sport" and overseeing that event.
Keep a record of everyone's results and don't forget to have an award ceremony at the end!

More ideas for Happy frugal holidays!

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