Thursday, 9 June 2011


Yes, you read it right - according to recent research by LV=, we in the UK have £50 billion poundsworth of junk in our homes!
Sporting equipment, clothes and books that haven't been used for over a year, make up the bulk of this "junk" and 10% of households say they probably have more than £1000 poundsworth of various bits and pieces they no longer use.
It appears that quite a few people are even storing junk for friends or family and 5% admit to paying for storage of their "junk".
This is madness. I have a tried and tested method of dealing with junk in my house:
  • If it's actually rubbish (empty boxes, paper, bottles, cans etc) then out it goes to the recycling or the bin.
  • If it belongs to someone else and I've had it more than 6 months - then it goes back to them - no arguments.
  • When did I last wear/use it? More than a year and it goes on Ebay (first choice) or to the charity shop, on Freegle, to a friend or relative, to the recycling bins - or last resort - the rubbish bin.
  • But before it goes to the bin I decide if it can be used made into or used as something else, e.g. old threadbare towels, sheets etc. are either made up into smaller towels/pillowcases, face cloths or torn up for cleaning rags.
I don't like filling up landfill with my rubbish, but I don't want it in my house either!
I know it's sometimes overwhelming when there's "junk" in every drawer, cupboard or on every shelf, but the answer really is - small steps, a little at a time, clear one drawer, or one shelf or one cupboard.
You will feel so much better - and if you manage to sell some stuff (and get back your share of that £50 billion!) then so will your bank account!

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