Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Tesco Price Check seems to be someone's good idea that's come back to bite them on the bum! First they have withdrawn their offer of doubling any price difference on refunding - now they appear to be using another tactic to avoid paying out the "difference".
Many Tesco customers are now getting a response from Tesco Price Check that says, "Sorry, unfortunately we have been unable to find your receipt details, so we cannot show you price check results for your shopping." This really is unbelievable - the receipt details show date, time, branch ID and some other numbers which I assume are checkout/staff ID and transaction ID - do they really believe we are stupid enough to swallow their excuse that they can't find our receipt details?
The receipt is essentially a printout from a database - they've got real problems in their IT system if they've "lost" so many of these details! Tesco treats its customers as if they are idiots.
Many people are now finding that they are getting this message, as have I - three times in the last couple of weeks - annoyingly enough, on three VERY big bills.
Some Tesco customers have been told by Tesco staff that the scheme is coming to an end - so it would seem they are keen not to pay out any more.
Perhaps we should all stop wasting our time entering receipt details into their Tesco Price Check website - and go straight to Asda to do our shopping!

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