Tuesday, 14 June 2011


If, like me, you have a water meter then watering your garden can be expensive - and it doesn't seem to be raining much nowadays! My frugal tips for keeping the garden going are:
  • Have water barrels to collect the rainwater off your roof if you can, so that when it does rain you will get them filled and have some standby water for the dry times. We have two huge ones that fill in a few hours rain.
  • Leave your watering cans out in an unsheltered position- if it does rain then they'll catch some for you as well.
  • Don't water your lawn- grass is tough and it'll survive and green up when we next get rain.
  • Don't water flower beds - just check individual plants for signs that they are drooping, then water each plant at night.
  • Water your fruit and vegetable plants regularly- particularly salad - it's worth it.
  • Keep a washing up bowl in your sink to catch the water when you "just rinse" your hands for any reason, or wash fruit, salad or vegetables. You'll be surprised at how quickly the bowl fills up in a day. Use it to water those water hungry plants like runner beans or rhubarb or tip it into your watering can for later.
  • If you can, always water at night to prevent evaporation.
  • Always water at ground level around the base of plants - never from above and never over the leaf canopy - you want those precious drops of water to go where they'll do most good.
Happy Frugal gardening!

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